Selasa, 3 Mei 2011

The next step

Assalamualaikum wrb. Alhamdulillah. It has been quiet a long time since I post here. I just want to give the chance and opportunity to my other companions to spread the love! ^^In this post, I would like to discuss about the next step after we all go to UniS. What to Do and What to Not Do?

List on What to Not Do 1st-
  • feel free and relax
  • leave all the good routines
  • loose the foundation
  • afraid to change
  • live alone
List on What to Do 2nd-
  • work your bones off
  • istiqamah in little amal
  • grip the foundation
  • islah nafsak, ghairu wad'ul [change for the better and take others with ya]
  • live together-gether
In stepping up to the next phase of life, many will encounter unexpected incidents, events and change. Don't panic but don't feel too relax! Take all the possitives and leave all the negatives. Hold your islamic foundation to the heart. Find those who can walk the same path, share the same conflict of interest, share the same common sense and inshaAllah, by Allah grace, Campus Life won't be that hard.

'Alaikum bil jama'ah.

Stay in a group. NEVER go through life alone. As you all already know the story of the goat and the wolf. Goats in a herd will never be attacked by a wolf, but if there's one astray, the wolf will in no time, attack it and harm it. Let us all take a lesson from this story and apply it in life. It a'int that hard but it's always us, who makes things harder.

May Allah bless you all!
Keep Moving Forward!
Remember, YOU can make a difference.


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