Isnin, 7 Februari 2011

Egypts in Prayer

Egypt under smokes

Assalamualaikum to all. Its been 3 days since the riot broke out in Cairo, Egypt. I've got some pictures from other websites and it just touched my heart.
For more pictures check out -

The crowds with tear gas.
I was actually wondering 'how could a leader sacrifices his people to maintain his power?' when I saw this picture. Then again, after some thinking I thought- this is what you call the End Era.

Egypt flag.

2nd Faris Audah?
This picture reminded me of the 10 year old syuhada' in Palestine who became an image of bravery, courage and jihad! I guess, this is the 2nd one..?

What will be the end?

May Allah helps our brothers and sisters there. May Allah give them the power and strength to keep standing up and be strong. May Allah protect them from harm.

May Allah gives hidayah from this event to those who He wishes and those who searches the true light. May Allah guide all humanities to the right path. May Allah bring victory to ISLAM.

May Allah open our eyes and hearts to see the bigger picture.


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