Selasa, 24 November 2009

Happy Holiday.. or not


Greetings to all readers and fellow pearls of the 16th batch..
As we are entering the time of freedom and rest, just a quick reminder
my dearest.. we all have our SPM coming up!! Don't rest too long..

To all readers just something you might have a penny for your thought...

~*~ Darkness to Light ~*~

One day, I step forward..
Reaching through the darkness..
One time, I look through this mess..
I felt at lost, alone..

Can't breath, can't see..
Where is the world taking me..
Get a grip! Hold on..
There's light at the far end..
There's still time to mend..

To all seekers..
To all searchers..
Seek His Forgiveness..
Search His Love..
Just maybe one day..
You'll see..
The world ain't dark after all.
One day you'll see..
He is always with you,
The light is shining on you!

~*~ Darkness to Light ~*~

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